What we do

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Spentwell is a financial planning firm that makes finance easy to understand and relevant to your life. Our advice covers:

You and your money
Understanding what’s important to you, we work together to manage your money so you can live the life you want.

Human Protection
We assess, and put in place, the right level of life cover and/or income cover to make sure you and your family are protected financially… no matter what life throws at you.

Retirement Planning
We put long term plans in place, working towards your retirement goals and managing your income in retirement.


Tax & Estate Planning
Using our knowledge of the UK tax system, we make sure your assets are managed in the most tax efficient way. Allowing you and your family to enjoy as much of your wealth as possible.  

Cashflow Planning
We turn this all into a personalised visual plan, giving you a clear understanding of your current financial position and an insight into how your financial future could look.

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How we do it

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We want you to enjoy your financial journey and ultimately live the life you want. There are 4 simple steps to do just that:

We get to know you
We take the time to listen and understand your situation and what’s most important to you. We’ll share our expertise and discuss how we can work together. This meeting is completely free and relaxed – we won’t push you to do anything (except maybe enjoy a tea or coffee).

Your journey begins…
We’ll present you with a visual illustration of your current circumstances, your attitude to risk, and an idea of what your financial future could look like. We’ll share our proposals on how to manage your money to meet your life goals.


A plan of action
We’ll walk you through your personalised financial plan, and explain everything we’ve identified. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and make sure you’re totally clear and comfortable with your plan. Once you’re happy and confident we’re on the same page, we’ll guide you through the paperwork and put your plan into action.

Financial check-ups
As part of our ongoing relationship service, we’ll get together at least once a year to review any changes in your circumstances. We’ll update you on your progress towards your goals, make sure you still feel confident in understanding your finances, and tweak your plan as required.

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